Who is North Node Tarot?

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Welcome to North Node Tarot!

I’m Jasmin, a writer and intuitive Tarot reader. 

Before hearing the call to read Tarot, I was a nanny, a holistic nutritionist and herbalist, a cafe owner, and an entertainment writer. What can I say? I’m a double Scorpio; transformation might as well be my middle name. 

Finding Tarot has been absolutely life-changing. It’s opened my eyes to so many wonderful things like astrology, and practices of spiralic living such as lunar cycles and the Wheel of the Year.

Though I’ve known about Tarot since childhood – thanks, mom! – and had rediscovered it back in 2017 through my love for Twin Peaks – another story for another time – the Tarot found its way back into my life for good not long after I had made the choice to keep living in the Fall of 2018. 

Mental health is an ongoing struggle for me, but with the Tarot by my side, I now feel motivated and willing to work through it – to learn all I can about who I truly am. Tarot is a huge part of why I wake up excited about life every single day. I used to think there was too much time left; now I feel like I could live a thousand lifetimes and never get sick of it. 

I began my Tarot journey with dedicated self-education, before studying under Lindsay Mack at Tarot For The Wild Soul. Both of these paths have encouraged and empowered me to see the Tarot through a soul and heart-centred lens, where each card has the power to offer us deep medicine and potentially life-changing healing.

After going through such a powerful shift in my own life, I felt called to share what I’d learned with anyone and everyone I could. I created North Node Tarot as a way to do just that.

You might be wondering what, exactly, is a North Node? I’m glad you asked! Without getting too math-y or esoteric, here’s my brief explanation:

Our Moon has two nodes, known as the North and South nodes, which represent the mathematical points at which the moon’s orbit cuts the ecliptic – the path of our Sun. Each and every one of us has a specific placement for these nodes in our astrological birth charts, and they are regarded by many as the keys to our life’s purpose.

Whatever Zodiac sign your South Node is in, can help you to understand your strengths. It’s the node that represents your confidence and what you’re comfortable with; it’s where you’re coming from.

The North Node is what charts new territory, though; it leads the way!

Whatever Zodiac sign your North Node is in, can help to illuminate the lessons you are here to learn, the avenues you are meant to explore, your path to evolution; it’s what you came here to accomplish. With North Node Tarot, I aim to help you along this path to achieve what’s in your highest and best.

With my readings, I hope to provide the catalyst you’ve been looking for, that sparks the transformation you deserve. And, really, to empower you in seeing how you are your very own catalyst!

Want to learn more about those readings? Head to the Book A Reading page to learn more!

“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.” – Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks