Client Love


“My reading was so insightful and personal to my question; I found it so applicable to the situation I was seeking guidance on.  I really enjoyed the layout of the reading with the introduction giving me some insight on my North Node as well as the breakdown of each card diving into the cards meaning, how it applied to me and some guidance on moving forward.  I could tell there was so much thought and care put into my reading, it was a very meaningful experience for me.  I highly recommend North Node!” 
– K.P., Ontario, Canada

“Thank you so much for this reading. It honestly related to everything that I am feeling on the inside. It spoke to me in many ways and allowed me to walk through what’s holding me back to my own happiness. I know it’s going to require work and patience but I am the only key that can unlock it.”
– Jennifer Z., Toronto, Canada

“Thank you so much for the reading it was really insightful. I really loved the layout of the reading and enjoyed the introduction and the “In summary” section. It really shows that you try to connect the introduction survey to the reading to personalize it. I also really appreciated how you explained what the card typically means, related/interpreted it to the question, then gave your guidance. I think the guidance section was the most practical take away for me.”
– S.P., Toronto, Canada

“I haven’t done a reading in long while, and this by far has been the best experience from start to finish. Jasmin took the time to explain and clarify, in order to provide a reading that I was able to relate to and apply. I appreciate the attention to detail during the whole process.”
– Emilia G., Toronto, Canada.

“Your reading was dead on. I feel like it opened my eyes and mind to so many thoughts, feelings, and concerns I had about myself and my life. But what the reading truly did for me was give me an unbiased and relatable way to understand what all my questions truly mean to me, and how I can move forward using this reading as a tool to better myself and my surroundings. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, if, like myself, they would like to dive deeper beneath the surface.”
– J.T., Canada

Jasmin!! I am totally emotional. This was so incredible. It resonated so deeply with me I had tears in my eyes a few times. I loved how much you broke it down into separate and comprehensive parts for me. My north node sign, which I had never really investigated, and then each of the cards, what they mean and then how they relate to me and my specific question. It also was so incredible to have this in writing for me to reference later. I printed the pages out so I can hold them! I also LOVED the suggestions for action ideas for me. It was so simple but to the point, and I can tell it will be so helpful. I can’t wait to try it!! This all meant so much to me, and hit me right in the heart of what my question was, I feel so supported. I cannot wait to do this again with you. I am literally going to suggest working with you to everyone I know. Also, having via email means you can receive it anywhere, and have it as a reference forever. The past 2 in-person readings I had from other tarot readers were also lovely, but I forgot them so quickly afterwards because so much information was being offered and they felt kind of abstract at times, because I didn’t know what to do with all the information. So I love the actionables you give which made me feel so supported and grounded. I learned so much about how I can move through my blocks, which feels so right for me and that I’m on the right path! You’re incredible. Thank you so much.
– Perrie., Ontario, Canada