Sagittarius Full Moon Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, will be exact on June 5 at 3:14 PM, and will take place at 15 degrees of Sagittarius.

This week’s lunation marks the first Eclipse in a new series of Eclipses, that will be taking place on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis for about the next 18 months.

The next two Eclipses – June 21 and July 5 – will close out the Cancer-Capricorn series, and we’ll move fully into this next phase come the end of November.

So, while this isn’t a full Lunar Eclipse, it’s still well within Eclipse range, and will act as a kind of preview for what’s to come during this series. It’s a bit like the trailer for an upcoming season of TV – you’ll likely get a big picture sense of what’s on the horizon, while the finer details remain more obscured.

Still, a Lunar – or South Node – Eclipse can often provide a level of clarity and understanding around something that we may have been previously seeking answers on. What it illuminates for us can then assist us in letting go of that which is no longer serving us – themes we also speak about during a regular Full Moon.

With Sagittarius, specifically, we’re stripping away old truths. We’re allowing outdated belief systems to crumble, and kicking old conditioning and thought habits to the curb. And there’s an optimistic vibe that goes hand-in-hand with that; the discovery and adventure of stepping into a new and more aligned You.

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, meaning they’re flexible and adaptable when it comes to things like change. They have a fluidity in their movement and approach. Eclipses – and the Moon’s nodes – tend to bring about change, so we’re really doubling down on that energy in this Eclipse series.

However, it’s possible we’ll be better equipped to handle this change thanks to the mutable energy of it all. Of course, your natal chart can help you dive further into how these Eclipses will impact you personally – look to what houses Gemini and Sagittarius rule, as a starting point.

Before locating Gem and Sag, you may even want to take a look at where Cancer and Capricorn rule, and then reflect on the past 18 months and how the previous Eclipse series may have played a role.

The Moon will transit Sagittarius from approximately 1:20 PM on June 4 until approximately 3:50 PM on June 6.

(All times are eastern)

Now, onto your Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration – apart from what sign the Moon is currently in, of course. For the most part, though, the messages you find below are based on what comes through from the card I pull for each sign.

Though my Tarotscopes are written with your Moon sign in mind, you should also feel free to read the messages that come through for your Sun and Rising signs. The same could be said for your Mercury placement, or even your Black Moon Lilith if you’re feeling so inclined! As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Not sure what your Moon sign is? Find it here: (you won’t need your birth time, though that would make it much more accurate.)

Happy Full Moon, and may your Lunar Eclipse be illuminating!

Time to get real with yourself – are you defending something or just being defensive? Are you standing up for an issue or someone you believe in? Or are you putting up barriers where they simply aren’t necessary, in an effort to protect something that doesn’t actually need it? This card asks you to interrogate your defense mechanisms – what are you willing to fight for and why? Is it time to lower that wand and gain some perspective? Or do you need to raise it even higher?

This card is a pretty on point embodiment of this Sagittarius Moon & Eclipse energy – an extension of the invitation to open our eyes and embrace new truths, new paradigms, no matter how uncomfortable or scary that might seem. How do we conquer that which we fear? By facing it. By looking at it directly and learning all we can about it. Often times, the thing we’re most afraid of is the unknown aspect of the fear itself. So, open your eyes and arm yourself with the power of knowledge.

Are your social circles still in alignment for you? Hopefully, you’ve had the privilege to surround yourself with folks that lift you up. People you can be yourself around, and are excited and inspired by your growths and successes. If that doesn’t reflect your experience…it may be time to walk away. You deserve respect, you deserve people who want you to be your best. You’ll find it, but maybe first you need to make room for it. 

As my dear friend and podcast co-host, Jechanovia, would say about this Queen: “it’s time to put on your big girl pants and raise a little hell.” Figure out where your light and inner fire are needed most right now. Where can you direct your passion and magic for the greatest good at this time? Your specific talents are needed in this world; there’s no need to be something you’re not in order to make a difference. What comes authentically is exactly what needs to be shared.

It’s time to stop letting the What Ifs stand in your way. What If I fail? What If I sound stupid? What If it doesn’t go as planned? And on, and on. Instead, try using What Ifs to motivate you. What If you LOVE it? What If you’re amazing at it? What If you learn so much about yourself? What are you missing out on because of all the negative What Ifs? Honestly, so what if you do fail? If you never try, you’ll never know, and you can’t get anywhere without taking that first step.

Up top, I mentioned that this Full Moon may bring up themes around letting go of old belief systems, of letting outdated ways of being crumble – The Hierophant is here to help you double down on all of that. In fact, this card may be nudging you to take your reflection one step further: how do your current belief systems and social conditioning play a role in upholding systems and institutions that no longer benefit our world? How can you work to unlearn this conditioning?

It’s good to have all the facts about a situation. Wise to seek the finer details; all the ins and outs. Having this balance, this nuanced perspective, can help us to determine what actions are necessary, and also where we might need to pull back. But how long is too long to weigh the options? Constantly trying to see things from yet another angle, may only prevent us from making the important decisions. So, do your research and be a critical thinker, but let those things motivate your actions, not deter them.

*This card came up for you at the Gemini New Moon as well, so make of that what you will!

Are you using everything at your disposal to channel the messages calling on you to come through? The Magician reminds us that we don’t need anything fancy, anything beyond our means to make magic happen. All we need is our own will and a commitment to living in alignment – both internally with our body, mind, and spirit, and externally with the elements that surround us. What do you have at your fingertips, what talents and skills can you utilize at this moment to effect change?

It’s okay to take a break in order to get grounded, to collect your thoughts and emotions. It’s probably better than acting out of impulse. Taking time and space for yourself can help put things into perspective. Don’t stay in this lane for too long, though. Inaction is appropriate for a time, but don’t let it lead to stagnancy or complacency. Once you’ve taken a beat to digest and reflect, try sharing what’s on your mind as a release – others may benefit from hearing this, too.

Things might feel a little messy during this Full Moon. That could be a literal mess; clothes you don’t have time to launder, dishes you don’t have time to wash. Or, it could be more of an internal mess; mixed emotions, scattered thoughts, and general uncertainty. It’s definitely not the most comfortable vibe, but can you learn to go with the flow instead of fighting the tide? Perhaps relaxing into the mess, loosening that tension, is what will make space for a bigger picture to come through.

Time to put your resources where your mouth is! Notice I didn’t say money…Though you could definitely consider lending a financial hand to a cause you feel invested in, you shouldn’t feel like giving back in this way is the only thing of value. The King of Pentacles invites you to reflect on the ways in which you’ve specifically been blessed, to consider the areas of life in which you’ve been given privilege, and to determine a way to pay that abundance forward.  

Do you honour and hold space for your emotions? Or, do you tend to dismiss and belittle them? Your feelings deserve respect and acknowledgment. Everything from the purest joy to the deepest sadness, and all there is in between. Though it may be easier to embrace the happier emotions, accepting the tougher ones like grief or guilt is equally worthy of our time. Don’t look away from even the most uncomfortable feelings this week; look deeper at all that comes your way and see what you can learn.


As always, I hope you found some resonance in these messages.

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I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s about your Tarotscope or how you’re celebrating this lunation, so please feel free to reach out.

I’ll be back in about two weeks time with your Tarotscopes for the Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse. Until then…


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”
– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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