Sagittarius New Moon Tarotscopes

The next New Moon will be exact on the 26th of November at 10:05 AM (ET) and will take place at 4 degrees of Sagittarius.

Based on your Rising Sign and using the Whole Sign house system,
here are the areas of life this New Moon may influence:

– (9th) travel, adventure, faith, meaning and purpose, knowledge, education, self-discovery, expansion
Taurus –  (8th) finances, investments, debt, taxes, couple or family finances, retirement planning, regeneration, desire
Gemini – (7th) relationships (romantic & business), other people in general, one-on-one work, negotiation, trust
Cancer – (6th) health & wellness, work routines, daily duties
Leo – (5th) creativity, happiness, children, joy, play, romance, courage
Virgo – (4th) home, family relationships, living arrangements, the past/family history, security, emotionality
Libra – (3rd) self-expression, communication, writing, teaching, social media/networking, curiosity, mindfulness
Scorpio – (2nd) money, cash flow, income, personal values, self-worth, possessions
Sagittarius – (1st) identity, appearance, attitudes, habits, behaviours, personal projects, leadership, ambition
Capricorn – (12th) rest, retreat, downtime, working in private, reflection, spirituality, mystical pursuits, closure, surrender
Aquarius – (11th) social connections, friendships, networks, community, hopes, luck, activism
Pisces – (10th) career, professional goals, reputation and public roles, success, higher calling, discipline, responsibility


Now, onto your New Moon Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration, all of the information is based on the card I’ve pulled.

Feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs…. Hell, you could even read for your North Node, Mercury, or Venus placements if you like. As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Happy reading and Happy New Moon!


The HermitAries – The Hermit
Somewhere along the way, society began to equate solitude with loneliness and that’s just not a fair comparison. We can experience loneliness even amidst a crowd of people; in solitude, we are on our own yet filled with the presence of ourselves and Spirit. Loneliness lacks the Soul-level nourishment provided by solitude. The Hermit understands how beautiful and vital these periods of solitude can be, and they invite you to try it for yourself at this New Moon. To learn that it’s okay to be alone because it’s within this aloneness where we can discover so much about our inner workings. This quiet time is a pathway to many and great breakthroughs. The New Moon is already the perfect time for retreat and introspection, so The Hermit is here to help you double down. Also, let’s face it, sometimes we just need a break from the external; from all of the noise and distractions other people create. This is a chance to slow down and enjoy your own space; to get comfortable with your own noise. 


Four of WandsTaurus – Four of Wands
I’m sure there have been a few times in your life where you’ve said: “save it for a special occasion.” Or, at the very least, you’ve heard someone say it. It’s interesting how we don’t question the notion of saving something. It seems pretty logical to put aside a special item for a day when it warrants being used. We all love having something to look forward to, but what if we offered each day of our lives that same reverence? What if every single day *was* a special occasion simply because we’re living? What a shift in perspective that would be! I’m not saying we should dress up, spend lots of money, or do every activity to the absolute max, every single day. I just wonder what life might be liked if we stopped putting so much emphasis on those “special” days that might not ever actually arrive. Why can’t today be that special occasion? How can we make room for even five minutes of “special occasion time” every day? The Four of Wands invites you to ponder this at the upcoming New Moon.


Two of Cups.jpgGemini – Two of Cups
There are any number of reasons why someone would keep their true selves hidden from the public eye. Safety can certainly be a factor, your professional life may deem that you keep certain personal habits private, and sometimes we’re simply not ready to show the world all of who we are. And that’s perfectly understandable. However, I think it’s important that, at the very least, we’re an open book with ourselves. Which can be a tough ask when we’re living lives that can’t be whole in the external world. Living in this way may have even caused us to reject certain parts of ourselves, thinking we might be better off without them. But what good is a camera without the film? That’s maybe not the best comparison, but you catch my drift – you need all sides of you to be truly YOU. At this New Moon, take some time to show appreciation for the sides of you that can’t always come out to play. Make a pledge to love and cherish them whenever you’re able. Set an intention to move towards a future that lets you live in a more fully integrated and aligned way.


Queen of Swords.jpgCancer – Queen of Swords
As I flipped this card for you, dear Cancer, “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo came floating into my head. I had to stop and sing a little bit – as you do – and then one lyric in particular really stuck in my mind: “Don’t text me, tell it straight to my face.” It’s a no-nonsense lyric that makes a perfect match with this no-nonsense Queen. Both of them want the truth and they want us to be brave enough to say it to their face. I often read the Court Cards as an energy for their recipient to adopt, and that could be the case here. It could be that you’re being invited to stand your ground in some way and demand honesty from a certain situation or a certain someone. But I’m also getting a message that it could be you who needs to be honest about something. Perhaps there’s a matter you haven’t been entirely authentic about and now would be the time to course-correct. Regardless of what side of this Queen you’re on, this New Moon is highlighting themes of honesty, direct action, and cutting the BS.


Four of CupsLeo – Four of Cups
Okay, Leo, it’s time to get real honest with yourself…Does your impulse to close yourself off from the external world come from a genuine need for a breather and some personal space, or does it stem from feelings of boredom and apathy? If it’s personal space you need, great, this is your invitation to seek that out. The New Moon is a great time to turn inwards and focus on things like meditation and self-reflection. It’s the right energy for digesting and processing anything you need to have a good think (or feel) on before moving forward. However, if this desire to cross your arms and tell the world you’re over it, is a result of feeling fed up with the same old same old, the Four of Cups has some great news. It’s here to remind you that there are alternatives for you. There is another path to take. In fact, a new opportunity may be right in front of you, being hand-delivered, but it requires that you first open your eyes to it and allow it in.


Two of SwordsVirgo – Two of Swords
So, Virgo, let me ask you this: what’s with the blindfold? Are you wearing it as a means of cutting out external distractions, in an effort to tune-in to your internal wisdom? Or, are you purposefully blinding yourself from a truth you’re not willing to confront? Only one of those approaches is going to be effective – I’ll let you guess which one. Regardless of why you’ve been donning this blindfold, the Two of Swords’ invitation is to seek balance between your rational, logical thought processes, and your intuitive, emotional realm. Perhaps there was an idea or belief that you were very sure of in the past, recent or otherwise, but the sense of clarity you had around it has since dissipated. Maybe you let someone else’s opinion or judgement cloud your own, or maybe you simply realized your thought or belief just wasn’t as sound as you once thought. To find the answer, you need to allow your thoughts and feelings to work together. Some situations require us to trust our gut, while others necessitate a more analytical approach; whatever it is that you’ve been struggling with lately, needs a healthy dose of both.


Ace of PentaclesLibra – Ace of Pentacles
Some kind of new opportunity is on the horizon for you, though you may need a shift in perspective in order to see it. All too often we’re so focused on the destination of a particular path – so narrowed-in on what life will look like once we complete a certain set of goals – that we lose sight of how we’re even going to get there. That fixation on the future can prevent us from acting in the present, which means we’re at risk of letting opportunities and pathways to get to that treasured destination just pass us by. Visualizing what we want in our future can be helpful, but only to a point. If we get stuck there, we may forget about the hard work it requires and start expecting the journey to be easier than it truly is. The suit of Pentacles is absolutely a path to abundance, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice and dedication. This Ace is simply the first seed of the beautiful garden you can grow, and you can grow something beautiful; this Ace is here to tell you that truth. First, it’s essential you remember just how much it takes for such a lush garden to grow from such a humble seed.


Six of CupsScorpio – Six of Cups
A New Moon can be the perfect time for self-reflection and sometimes that means digging into our past. Nostalgia can be such a warm, cozy space to sink into, as long as we don’t allow it to drag us too deep. There’s a fine line between constructive and destructive nostalgia, and the Six of Cups is an energy we can use to keep us safely balanced in the former. Constructive nostalgia can help us to find joy in the present by reawakening our love for something we’d forgotten, or opening up a side of ourselves that’s lain dormant for too long. Perhaps it brings a sense of security that provides us with the courage we need to face a current situation. As long as we find something productive in our reminiscing, it’s worth exploring. However, when we start to dwell in those memories, when we start to romanticize them, when we long too much for how things used to be, that can be our signal to re-root ourselves in the present. That’s not to say we should avoid the healing we need around those memories, but that perhaps a different route should be taken. Above all, the New Moon is a time for new beginnings, so just make sure your blasts from the past are helping you to take steps towards your future.


The EmpressSagittarius – The Empress
Happy Birth Season, Sagittarius! This New Moon is a particularly sacred and powerful one for you. The Universe is ready to bestow you with many gifts, and The Empress is here to invite you into a space of great receiving. This is your time to shine, to be loved, to be nurtured, to welcome in all that comes your way. And that is easier said than done! It can be so difficult to let others fill our cups without feeling like we’re taking more than we deserve, or immediately thinking about the ways in which we might repay the kindness. This is your chance to curb those impulses and simply allow the abundance that’s meant for you to flow right in. You know how fulfilling the act of giving can be, and how much better it is when the receiver takes your offer with open arms and heart. Be that open heart now. The Empress can also signal a time of creativity, so allow yourself to be a channel for whatever inspirations come into your awareness. It’s also a card that speaks to connection with nature, so why not get outside and plant an actual seed of intention underneath this New Moon?


Ten of WandsCapricorn – Ten of Wands
My dearest Capricorn, what is it that you’re trying to prove? I get it, you love a challenge, and the rest of the Zodiac could absolutely learn a thing or two about your amazing work ethic. But, do you really need to do it ALL on your own? There’s a fine line between being dedicated and just downright stubborn, and I have a feeling you’re leaning a little towards the latter right now. Look at the figure in this card – they’re going nowhere, quick. They are literally blinding themselves behind their task, unable to see the next steps clearly. My money’s on them dropping their wands before they reach their destination, but even if they do make it, there’s no way they don’t go through a period of serious burnout. So, how about taking a second to look around and see who might be able to help you on the remainder of this journey? Since this card is a 10 it means the end is in sight, so you’re not asking for a lot, just a little assistance to help you reach the finish line. Imagine how quickly you’ll be able to start your next journey if you’re feeling nourished and sustained by the support you received here?


Six of SwordsAquarius – Six of Swords
This New Moon could be the beginning of a pretty significant transition. You’re being called to set out on a small journey, one that could involve literal, physical movement, but where the focus is centered on the inner voyage that’s taking place. Whether you’ve been dealing with a painful experience in your more recent past, or you’ve been working towards recovery from something long ago, the Six of Swords is here to help you navigate towards the next stage of healing. It’s a sign that your pain is no longer what’s front and center. That pain is still part of you in some ways; it’s impacted your life, changed your perspective, and perhaps even set you on a different path entirely. But it no longer defines your existence. It no longer has the same grip on, the same power over you, and you’re ready to find a new way of being. It’s not necessarily an easy-going transition but the rough waters will give way to something tranquil if you stay focused. Maybe reach out to someone you trust during this time to help you steer.


The High PriestessPisces – The High Priestess
The New Moon and The High Priestess are so alike in their energies. Both present the invitation to turn inward and seek answers from our inner wisdom. We all have our own High Priestess within us; the part of us that holds the knowledge of the Universe, the key to life’s mysteries. Our society has done so much damage, though, in the way of pushing us towards taking a distrustful stance against that inner voice. So often the external world works in ways that just aren’t in alignment with what truly works for us as individuals. Over time, we’ve learned to ignore our inner voice so that we may more easily go with that external flow. Some of us, have ignored it to the point of utter silence. Even those of us who regularly practice staying in touch with our intuition, still need to work on turning up the volume on that voice from time to time. This New Moon is offering you a powerful opportunity to establish, or reestablish, your connection with your inner High Priestess. If there’s something in particular you’ve been seeking answers on, now is the time to turn down that external volume and make space for your intuition to come in loud and clear.


I hope you found some resonance in these messages.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to reach out – and let me know how you’re celebrating this New Moon!

I’ll be back in about two weeks time with your Tarotscopes for the Gemini Full Moon – our final Full Moon of the decade!!! Until then,

Happy Sagittarius New Moon!


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”

– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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