Taurus Full Moon Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon will be exact on the 12th of November at 8:34 AM (ET),
and will take place at 19 degrees of Taurus.

Based on your Rising Sign and using the Whole Sign house system,
here are the areas of life this Full Moon may illuminate:


Aries – (2nd) money, cash flow, income, personal values, self-worth, possessions
Taurus –  (1st) identity, appearance, attitudes, habits, behaviours, personal projects, leadership, ambition
Gemini – (12th) rest, retreat, downtime, working in private, reflection, spirituality, mystical pursuits, closure, surrender
Cancer – (11th) social connections, friendships, networks, community, hopes, luck, activism
Leo – (10th) career, professional goals, reputation and public roles, success, higher calling, discipline, responsibility
Virgo – (9th) travel, adventure, faith, meaning and purpose, knowledge, education, self-discovery, expansion
Libra – (8th) finances, investments, debt, taxes, couple or family finances, retirement planning, regeneration, desire
Scorpio – (7th) relationships (romantic & business), other people in general, one-on-one work, negotiation, trust
Sagittarius – (6th) health & wellness, work routines, daily duties
Capricorn – (5th) creativity, happiness, children, joy, play, romance, courage
Aquarius – (4th) home, family relationships, living arrangements, the past/family history, security, emotionality
Pisces – (3rd) self-expression, communication, writing, teaching, social media/networking, curiosity, mindfulness


Now, onto your Full Moon Tarotscopes!


For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are a lot like Horoscopes. However, with the exception of the Moon’s placement, I’m not using any planetary transits or aspects to divine your Sign’s messages. Instead, I base these words of guidance solely around the Tarot card I pull for each Zodiac sign.

Feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs…. Hell, you could even read for your North Node, Mercury, or Venus placements if you like. As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Happy reading and Happy Full Moon!


Aries – Queen of Wands Queen of Wands
This Taurus Full Moon is blessing your house of personal values and self-worth with its Earthly, grounding energy. The Queen of Wands is a boss when it comes to understanding their self-worth and being unafraid to let their value shine. Combine the two, and I see this Full Moon as a wonderful time for you to ditch the negative self-talk, to take all of those positive things you think and believe about yourself in a more abstract sense, and turn them into something tangible. Something other people can see and that you feel proud to show them. This Queen knows the power of allowing confidence to radiate outwards, because not only does it improve our personal world, it inspires others along the way. Maybe it’s time to say YES to something you’ve been too shy or apprehensive about doing in the past. Or, perhaps you need to cultivate some of that confidence first by doing something you love, something where you feel your self-worth already shines through. Think of the activities that bring you the most enthusiasm and passion. Let yourself be drawn towards what truly lights you up. This Queen wants you to be authentic in all you do. To be excited about life, and to see its hidden possibilities where many people might see nothing at all.


Taurus – Five of Wands Five of Wands
The Full Moon represents the stage of the Lunar cycle where we can choose to release something that’s no longer serving us and/or harvest some of the fruits of the labour we’ve been working on since the New Moon. When we consider that through the lens of the Five of Wands, there are a couple of different ways its energy might be playing out for you. Perhaps you’ve been working on making peace with the idea that sometimes, things are just going to have to be messy. That, unfortunately, things can’t always be as clear as we’d like them to be, and the best course of action is to just go with the flow. Too much resistance would only make matters worse. If so, you should celebrate your progress and count the ways embracing this mess has helped you. Or, perhaps you haven’t quite been able to embrace the mess, and this Full Moon is here to give you permission to let go of any fear or hesitation you have about succumbing to it. The mess I’m referring to likely has some connection to your personal projects or even behaviours. Maybe you’re just a messy bitch, but that’s okay! This chaotic feeling won’t last forever and will probably pass with much more ease if you see it from the perspective of it all happening FOR you and not TO you.


Gemini – King of Cups King of Cups
More often than not when the King of Cups shows up, I encourage its recipient to work on mastering their emotions. Not just so they might remain level-headed in their own life, but so that they might be of service in helping others to do the same. However, seeing as this is a Full Moon that’s transiting your house of rest and retreat, I think what’s most important right now is to actually let go of any obligation you might feel to hold space for others. At least for the remainder of this Lunar cycle (which will end with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th of November.) Right now, you may need a couple of weeks to just focus on reconnecting with your spirituality and intuition. A bit of space to start filling your own cup back up; to work on strengthening those reserves of emotional power, so you can go out into the world and do this important work once more. However, if what resonates is more the idea that, you’ve recently been working on integrating King of Cups energy into your life and feel as though you’ve made some progress, then take this Full Moon to celebrate all you’ve achieved! And then take some time for yourself and your own emotional well-being.


Cancer – The Moon The Moon
Many things are heightened under our sky’s Moon: emotions, intuition, awareness of our subconscious, mystery, and strange happenings. The Moon card invites us to go deep with those things – real deep. It asks us to focus inward and really dive into the depths of our being. It wants us to get comfortable with the stuff that makes us uncomfortable. To relax into the void its energy creates. Because this Full Moon is bringing illumination to your house of social connections, these feelings of intensity may have more relevance there than in other aspects of life. If there are decisions to make about particular relationships, don’t rush into any definitive answer. Give yourself the space to explore the mystery of it all; time to assess if what you’re seeing is the real deal or just a shadow. The Full Moon phase definitely holds more clarity than a New Moon. but the presence of The Moon card means there’s something you’re still unable to see in full view. Finally, it might be worth considering which of your social connections supports this kind of introspective work and which ones won’t or don’t. Then you ask yourself, why hang on to the latter and how can I further embrace the former?


Leo – The Star The Star
This Full Moon is calling attention to your house of professional goals and public reputation. The Star card invites us to focus on healing and renewal. There are two key ways I see these energies playing out together. Either your professional life and personal life need to find a better balance – just as the figure in the card tends to the needs of both the water and the land, so too must you care for these two aspects of your world. Perhaps your professional life has left your personal life lacking, out of alignment, and in need of reintegrating. Or, it could just as easily be the other way around, with your personal life stripping you bare and leaving unable to give yourself more fully to your professional goals. Then again, maybe this is a sign that it’s time for a kind of rebirth in your career. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch professions or throw away anything you’ve been working towards, but how about starting with a shift in perspective? How about ensuring that the work you’re doing in public is one that brings nourishment, balance, and hope? Is there anything you can leave behind at this Full Moon, which will create the necessary space to breathe new energy into your public life?


Virgo – Four of Pentacles Four of Pentacles
As we humans try to make sense of the often chaotic external world that surrounds us, it’s only natural that we might block ourselves off – protect our body and our energy as a means of limiting our vulnerability. It’s not illogical and sometimes it’s highly necessary to create a body boundary, in order for us to simply move through the world. However, as this Full Moon brings illumination to your house of self-discovery and expansion, it might be time to release those boundaries and open yourself up to what’s out there. It’s not wrong to crave stability and security, but when that craving turns to obsession, we run the risk of becoming rigid and stagnant, with no room for growth. Perhaps the first step in releasing all of this will be to consider why these protections were erected in the first place. Maybe you didn’t even realize those walls were still there. Maybe you’ve come to a place in life where they’re no longer even necessary, but you just haven’t had the chance to do that reevaluation. This is a chance for you to embrace the next stage in your big adventure. The bigger purpose of this can’t all just be about getting through it, right? So how can you open yourself up to receive a message of deeper meaning?


Libra – Knight of Pentacles Knight of Pentacles
Whenever I see this card, I know it’s time to slow down and make sure I’ve done everything in the right way before continuing forward. It’s the kind of energy that encourages you to deep clean your car before taking it on a road trip. To make sure you’ve been drinking enough water before you go and exercise. To make sure you’ve edited your work; dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s before you release it into the world. It’s an energy that invites us to look at things practically and responsibly, and to take care that we remain steady even as we venture forward. See that perfectly tilled land in the background of the card? That’s the kind of beautiful groundwork and foundation we can expect when we follow the Knight of Pentacles’ call for reliable action. Since this Full Moon is highlighting your house of shared finances, debt, desires, and other things we don’t often want to look at, this Knight is here to tell you, sorry, boo, but it’s time to get a little tedious with these subjects. Giving issues like this their due diligence isn’t the most fun experience, but the Knight’s brand of hard work always pays off. Plus, if you just get it over with now, that frees up time later for far less monotonous activities!


Scorpio – Three of Wands Three of Wands
Sometimes a Full Moon is all about releasing that which longer serves us. Other times, it’s about harvesting the fruits of your labour. In tandem with the Three of Wands, I believe this Full Moon is bringing you the chance to harvest. To celebrate any progress you’ve made in terms of your relationships – whether business or personal – perhaps especially in regards to trust. Even if it’s nothing major, because baby steps deserve recognition sometimes, too. In this Three, there’s a sense that we’ve built a strong foundation and created a solid commitment. We’re grounded in the work we’ve done, and now feel safe enough, enthused enough to explore what else might be possible. We’re ready to see what lies beyond this foundation, ready to expand. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking to find a new relationship or open your one – though both are options if that’s what you need. It could just mean you and your partner(s) are ready to take a new adventure. There are so many options that lie ahead of you, so much for you to dive into and investigate. Perhaps it’s a simple as taking a trip with your special someone. Maybe it means expanding your shared business. Give yourself the necessary space to dream about all the possibilities – if you can, include the partner you have in mind!


Sagittarius – Queen of Pentacles Queen of Pentacles
Sometimes the themes that arise for a particular sign’s Full Moon and the Tarot card I pull for them, overlap in the most beautiful ways – and this is a pretty good example. The Queen of Pentacles is an invitation to come back to the body, to check-in with your physical shell to ensure it’s getting everything it needs to function from day-to-day. This Full Moon happens to be highlighting your house of health, wellness, and daily routines, and I think there’s an important message in that synchronicity. It could be that you need to release certain behaviours and patterns that don’t nourish your physical being in the way it needs. If that’s something you’ve already been working on, I’d say this is a cause for celebration, a permission slip to indulge just a little. Or, maybe it’s a signal about how to change up your daily routine in order to bring them into alignment with what your body is asking for. Setting reminders to drink water, conscious deep breathing, taking breaks whenever possible to be in nature and smell the fresh air; these are all quick and easy, yet totally game-changing routines we can put into place. Your routines might need to look completely different, which is fine! The most important take away from the Queen of Pentacles is to really listen to your body and then provide it with what it’s crying out for.


Capricorn – Nine of Swords Nine of Swords
This Full Moon brings an amplified awareness to the areas of life that concern your creativity, joy, and sense of play. At first glance, the Nine of Swords, with its rather cold and dark atmosphere, seems to be in opposition to those themes. But this Nine can be a real gift when we’re open to accepting its invitations to seek the truth. It takes courage (another theme associated with the 5th house) to face the darkness head-on, but if we keep hope at our side while doing so, we might just find the next step in our path has been completely illuminated thanks to the truth we’ve uncovered. So, ask yourself, what fears or insecurities have you been unwilling to truly examine? Is there something you believe your happiness or creativity is, or could be threatened by, but you’re not 100% sure is actual fact? Sometimes we think staying in this in-between space, of not knowing for certain, makes it easier to coast through life. But coasting isn’t thriving. What if you faced the fear head-on and discovered it was completely unfounded? What a relief that would be! And here’s the thing, even if your fear does turn out to hold relevance, wouldn’t it be better to know that, too? Think about how empowering it would be to know that you had the courage to face it, and with that first difficult step under your belt, you could move forward from a place of full clarity.


Aquarius – Nine of Pentacles Nine of Pentacles.jpg
The message that always comes through for me with the Nine of Pentacles, is that it’s an invitation to treat yourself. I see it as a sign that someone has been putting a great deal of effort, love, and time into something and that, for all their dedication, they deserve a moment to luxuriate in the fruits of that labour. And the idea of harvesting those fruits is part of how one can celebrate a Full Moon, too. However, in looking at this card through the lens of 4th House – the House this Full Moon is illuminating for you – new messages are being relayed. What remains important from the earlier idea of treating yourself, is that you do need to bring awareness to all you’ve achieved, to be present with the abundance you’ve cultivated, and to show gratitude for all of it. But for the most part, success comes at some kind of cost. There are sacrifices we must make to accomplish great things, and perhaps that has come, at least as of late, at the expense of your home or family life. It’s not that we should perceive these sacrifices as bad things, in fact, they often help us to develop discipline. But, we do need to be aware of our sacrifices, so that we can work towards a better balance wherever possible. Perhaps this Full Moon is presenting the opportunity for you to share this “wealth” with your family. So, in what ways can you make your success more tangible for you and those you love?


Pisces – The Fool The Fool
While there are a number of rituals one can take part in during a Full Moon – the release of what no longer serves us, the reassessment of our goals, and the harvesting of what we’ve manifested, to name a few – I think we often forget that it’s also a time of full illumination. Where the darkness of the New Moon provides space to ponder our inner mysteries, the bright light of the Full Moon has the power to bring full clarity to those mysteries. Through the lens of The Fool, and the 3rd House issues this Moon is bringing into awareness for you, I’d say there’s something about your self-expression, your thought processes, and/or the way you interact socially, that’s become so clear to you, ignoring it would be futile. You may have been uncertain about whatever this subject is, even just a week ago, but now the feeling is so strong in your gut, you would be a fool to cast it aside. This card is your sign that you can trust that yearning you’re feeling; that’s the sound of your Soul calling. It’s time to take a leap of faith and trust that the Universe will provide the subsequent steps. The Fool never asks us to do something we’re not truly ready for, it meets us where we’re at and guides us towards what’s next. Every great journey starts with just a single step, so go ahead and extend your foot forward.


I hope you found some resonance in these messages.
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to reach out – let me know how you’re celebrating this Full Moon!

I’ll be back in two weeks with your Sagittarius New Moon Tarotscopes but until then,

Happy Taurus Full Moon!


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”

– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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