Scorpio New Moon Tarotscopes

The New Moon will be exact on the 27th of October at 11:38 PM (ET),
and will take place at 4 degrees of Scorpio.

Based on your Rising Sign and using the Whole Sign house system,
here are the areas of life this New Moon may influence:

– (8th) finances, investments, debt, taxes, couple or family finances, retirement planning, regeneration, desire
Taurus –  (7th) relationships (romantic & business), other people in general, one-on-one work, negotiation, trust
Gemini – (6th) health & wellness, work routines, daily duties
Cancer – (5th) creativity, happiness, children, joy, play, romance, courage
Leo – (4th) home, family relationships, living arrangements, the past/family history, security, emotionality
Virgo – (3rd) self-expression, communication, writing, teaching, social media/networking, curiosity, mindfulness
Libra – (2nd) money, cash flow, income, personal values, self-worth, possessions
Scorpio – (1st) identity, appearance, attitudes, habits, behaviours, personal projects, leadership, ambition
Sagittarius – (12th) rest, retreat, downtime, working in private, reflection, spirituality, mystical pursuits, closure, surrender
Capricorn – (11th) social connections, friendships, networks, community, hopes, luck, activism
Aquarius – (10th) career, professional goals, reputation and public roles, success, higher calling, discipline, responsibility
Pisces – (9th) travel, adventure, faith, meaning and purpose, knowledge, education, self-discovery, expansion

 Now, onto your New Moon Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration, all of the information is based on the card I’ve pulled.

Feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs…. Hell, you could even read for your North Node, Mercury, or Venus placements if you like. As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Happy reading and Happy New Moon!


Aries – Ten Of Wands Ten of Wands
As an Aries you probably enjoy tackling most things on your own. It gives you the freedom to take action when and how you like, without having to consider other people’s schedules or energy levels. This tenacious attitude has likely helped you to accomplish what others wouldn’t even consider tackling; it’s a trait that helps you kick ass in so many areas of life. Here’s the thing, though, there’s *is* a line between being dedicated and just downright stubborn. Sometimes, you’re strong will blocks you from seeing other possibilities. Like, say, the idea that you probably don’t need to carry all of those 10 wands at once – there could, in fact, be another, perhaps less back-breaking approach. Cause you might burn out if you keep going on like this. So ask yourself, why do you feel like you have to do this alone? What does completing this task by yourself, but exhausted, mean for your next endeavour? Conversely, how would asking for assistance in this situation impact the way you approach those future undertakings? If you truly feel this is a time when you need to power through, that’s fair, just make sure that impulse is coming from a place of truth and not one that’s overly prideful. Consider what you’re trying to prove with this action, and who you’re trying to prove it to. Make sure you’re focused on beating your own goals, rather than trying to outshine others’. 


Taurus – The Hermit The Hermit
As this New Moon in Scorpio transits through your house of relationships, The Hermit may be here to tell you that the most important relationship right now is the one you have with yourself. That’s not to say you need to break up with a partner or shut yourself off from those you share one-on-one bonds with – though you could if that’s what’s truly calling to you – but, it is advising that starting new relationships or rushing into something with another person isn’t recommended. This is a time to pause and reflect on how you interact with yourself. Most importantly, on how you spend your time alone. What does solitude look like for you? And, just backing up for a moment, if you never spend time alone, why is that? Do you simply need to make time for that? Or, are you uncomfortable being in your own company? The former may be an easier fix than the latter, but it’s essential you look deeper at that discomfort. This is an opportunity to (re)establish self-reliance and self-confidence. So allow yourself the space to just BE in your own presence and feel what that’s like. You’ll know when it’s time to take action in your external relationships again, especially as you work on strengthening self-trust. We all walk our own paths in this life, even when surrounded by loved ones, The Hermit can help us make peace with that.


Gemini – Five of Pentacles Five of Pentacles
This New Moon may be signalling a time of transition for you, and one that might not feel particularly easy. In fact, you might be feeling a little worse for wear; a bit lost in the dark and unsure of how you’ll make it through. Your physical health or the ways in which you support yourself may be experiencing some intensity or uncertainty. To be blunt, it sucks. We’ve all been through a time like this and there’s no need to sugar coat it, but it is worth keeping in mind that you’re *not* alone. There are people out there who are going through this with you, whether you know them or not. What’s more, there are communities and resources at your disposal to help you get through this – you might just need to make the effort of seeking them out. That said, the Five of Pentacles may be showing up as an invitation to look at your situation in a new light. Are these feelings of being down and out stemming from something external and out of your control? Have you been comparing yourself to others a little too much, leaving you in a space of feeling “not good enough”? What’s the point of comparing your life to that of another? Unless you’re doing so to check your privilege, keep your eyes on your own paper! Focus on what you can change and channel your energy there instead.


Cancer – Death Death
As the card associated with Scorpio, Death symbolizes transformation and change. So, this Scorpio New Moon is bringing double that energy your way. It’s presenting you with the opportunity to release and let go that which no longer serves you, so you can step into a new phase. Rarely does this card ever denote an actual death; it’s more about the conversion of one thing into another. Something in your life has played its role, served its purpose, and now you’re ready to shed it and allow it to help you in a new way. Think of it like composting – the food scraps we put in the bin are no longer useful to us in their current form, but they will go on to nourish the soil and help to grow new food for us to nourish ourselves. Perhaps you’ve done all you can in a particular creative endeavour and you’re ready to try something new. Whatever you learned from that first experience will no doubt shape how you progress in this new project. Now, sometimes Death does represent a bigger loss. Sometimes it can be hard for us to let go, even when what we’re letting go of clearly isn’t working for us. Change is difficult. It’s bittersweet. Try to focus on the fact that whatever you’re leaving behind will be with you in some ways forever, and that in leaving it behind you’ve made space for something new. Perhaps something better. Remember this is just a change, not an end.


Leo – Seven of Swords Seven of Swords
Many interpretations of the Seven of Swords denote the card as having a sneaky or greedy quality. That might be what we see on the surface, but digging a little deeper can help us to unpack why someone might act in this way. More often than not, the impulse to take on more than we can handle is a direct result of having been through times when we didn’t have enough. The fear of that lack stays with us. Our brain reminds us of when we were struggling and in need and may trick us into biting off more than we can chew as a way of overcompensating. But even when we do so, we still feel like there’s something missing. This New Moon is transiting your house of home and family life, but it’s also the place where we face our past and our relationship to security. So, this may be a great time for you to look closer at how events in your past have shaped the way you approach your present. Are there behaviours you engage in only because that’s the way you *had* to do them once before? Do you feel as though you are taking on more than you handle while simultaneously feeling like you’re not doing enough? Where do those thoughts of “not good enough” or even just the fears of missing out stem from? How might you begin to let go of that and begin to trust in what’s in the here and now?


Virgo – Five of Wands Five of Wands
This New Moon highlights your house of communication and expression, which might be feeling a little hectic as of late. The Five of Wands symbolizes a period of transition and one that can feel a little prickly as you move through it. Especially if you don’t deal well with messiness or chaos. There’s some kind of conflict occurring in your world, whether external or internal, and it’s likely a very passionate, heated one. Everyone has an opinion they’re very invested in and their enthusiasm may be preventing them from seeing any side but their own. Alternatively, you may have several internal voices all speaking at once, all vying for your attention, making it difficult to know which one to listen to. It’s worth noting that the figure to the far left on the card seems to actually be enjoying this chaos, they seem to have found some semblance of joy in it all. Perhaps this is your guide. Perhaps in embracing the messiness of it all, is where you’ll find the path to exit this transitory phase. Sometimes, every single thing needs to be laid out on the table before we know what can be cleared away and what can stay. Sometimes we need to get our hands dirty to really understand how nice it is to be clean. Try to just go with this flow for a bit. Maybe the exact thing you’ve been trying to communicate can only take shape after the dust settles.


Libra – Ten of Swords Ten of Swords
With every New Moon we have the chance to start fresh in some aspect of our lives. In combination with the Ten of Swords, that chance at a new beginning is only emphasized for you. It’s easy to get caught
up in the rather bleak image on this card; it’s dark and the figure looks defeated, if not worse. But the number 10 symbolizes both the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. So, the tragedy we see here is, in fact, coming to an end – but only if and when you allow it to! The gift of this Ten is that it’s here to liberate you from the darkness you’ve been feeling, by giving you permission to seek brighter alternatives. Since this New Moon is highlighting your house of money and values, perhaps you’re ready to break free from a particular pattern of thinking or set of beliefs concerning those issues that, as we can see in the card, have only been keeping you down. You’ve exhausted this way of thinking. You’ve done everything within your power to make it work, but it hasn’t. Take this as a sign that you’re now free to explore new perspectives. Those swords may symbolize past ideals or even fears that have kept you locked in a cycle, unable to progress forward. But you’re done with those. You can leave them behind and walk into the clear skies that lay ahead. Take a look at the figure’s hand, it seems as though they’re flashing the peace sign. They’ve made peace with the past and are ready to “peace out.” Now it’s your turn.


Scorpio – Three of Cups Three of Cups
First of all, Happy Birth Season or Ascendant Return to all my fellow Sun and Rising sign Scorpios! This is our time to shine, and the Three of Cups is a beautiful card to have as our guide for this special New Moon. As a basic reading, I would say this is telling us to get out there and party! To go and celebrate the achievements we’ve made in this past year; to honour all of the abundance we’ve been blessed with. Maybe it’s just a sign that this year’s birthday festivities need to be epic! On a deeper level, this Three is here with an invitation to find community with like-minded folks. To gather with people who we can be our truest selves around. Those that see us for who we are – warts and all – and love us all the same. And, those who we feel that exact sentiment towards. If you’ve already found your squad, make sure you reach out to them on or around this New Moon and try to plan some kind of gathering. If you haven’t quite found your treasured people, this is your opportunity to do so. The stars are literally aligning for you to do just that right now – maybe even seek out fellow Scorpios (my Instagram DMs are open!) Most importantly, when you do have your squad together, BE PRESENT. The Three of Cups has an ephemeral quality; its joy and abundance can’t last forever. It’s one of those experiences in life where everything comes together in a way that just can’t be perfectly replicated in the future, so be sure to soak up every minute of it while you can.


Sagittarius – Knight of Cups Knight of Cups
Scorpio season may be a time when you feel drawn towards rest and retreat. A period when you desire to look within and reflect on the year that’s gone by. This New Moon brings with it the chance to revitalize some aspect of your spirituality, and the Knight of Cups emphasizes how essential it will be to follow your intuition as you explore this endeavour. This Knight puts their “cup” first – they let their emotions lead the way. They see the value in being open and vulnerable as they move through the world. They understand how beneficial compassion can be in regards to the evolution of their journey. Perhaps you’ve been a little too in your head lately, or you’ve been acting purely on impulse without anything to ground those impulses in. As a Fire sign, you likely enjoy taking action, which you’ll still be able to do with this Knight energy, but only after taking a moment to pause, re-center, and re-focus your efforts towards something more heart-centered. Something that allows you to move with more ease and grace. So take a moment to ask yourself on this New Moon, where is your intuition guiding you? Where is your heart aching to go? What is your Soul asking you to seek out? How can you move through the world in a way that allows your emotions to take center stage? It’s time to trust your gut!


Capricorn – The World The World
This New Moon is highlighting your house of social connections and brings with it a chance to start something fresh with those bonds. In tandem with The World, this may be a sign that something needs to be completed before that new beginning can spring forth. Is there some aspect of your social life that deserves some kind of closure or final celebration – a means of putting the exclamation point on the end of the last sentence? This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a friendship, but perhaps the evolution of one. Or, perhaps it is an end, but one that comes with the realization that something better is just around the corner. When working within The World energy, it can be helpful to look at life as moving in a spiral rather than a linear progression. In certain areas of life, we’re advancing, while in others we’re just beginning. When we reach the end of one chapter, a new one is always ready to begin. Accepting and trusting in this spiralic way of living is quite liberating. It means that we can experience our “Happily Ever After” multiple times throughout life – before “after” truly even comes. It means we have the chance to always be learning and improving, to keep accomplishing and achieving. The World is our reminder that these cycles are more than just a simple repetition; they’re chances to keep growing and evolving. More than that, this card is an invitation to celebrate whatever cycle may be coming to a close, and to reflect on the opportunities it provided before we enter the next stage of the beautiful spiral.


Aquarius – Strength Strength
This New Moon, and Scorpio season in general, highlights the area of life that concerns both your public reputation (career) and higher calling (life goals.) When we combine that with the energy of the Strength card, the opportunity here may be to approach something that you’ve been wary of in the past, something you’ve kept your defenses up around, from a place of compassion. To open yourself and your heart up to that fear in a way that might initially feel vulnerable and scary, but actually shows a ton of courage and confidence. The society we live in favours the kind of strength that forces us to be tough and somewhat detached; the kind that doesn’t allow for much emotion. But the Strength card helps us to shift that perspective, so that we might understand how a greater emotional maturity is actually what helps to build strength in the first place. This brand of heart-centered strength can empower us; it can teach us how to make allies out of those fears by treating them gently and with patience. This card often evokes this image of a stray dog who growls when a stranger walks by. Their guard is up, and probably for good reason. But instead of approaching them with fear and hesitation, we should show them empathy and composure. We should show them that warmth and love do exist; that safety is possible. It takes a whole lot of bravery for the human to approach such a dog, and for the dog to let down its walls. But imagine the beauty of what can happen if we try.


Pisces – Eight of Pentacles Eight of Pentacles
Scorpio season is a time when you might feel drawn towards things like education, self-discovery, and adventure. This New Moon will be an ideal time to set intentions around your personal expansion. Ask yourself, where in life and in what ways are you ready to transform? The possibilities may feel endless, and they probably are, but the Eight of Pentacles wants you to know that hard work will be involved. This next stage in your evolution will take commitment; there are no shortcuts to greater enlightenment. The path of Pentacles is no “get rich quick” scheme, but it is the path to great abundance when followed from a place of truth and dedication. So, what do you feel called to become an expert in? What skills and talents are you ready to finely sharpen? Maybe you’re ready to take the next step towards furthering your career by deepening your education in that subject? Whatever it is, this card invites you to surrender yourself wholly to the task – to understand that it’s going to take time and persistence. You may have to perform a particular set of tasks over and over again until it becomes natural to you. The repetition may seem tedious, but it’s also what gives truth to the adage “practice makes perfect.” And perfect ain’t such a bad place to land after putting in all that hard work. What you gain from this experience – whether its knowledge, skills, confidence, a different perspective, etc. – has the potential to change your life forever.


I hope you found some resonance in these messages.
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to reach out – let me know how you’re celebrating this New Moon!

I’ll be back in two weeks with your Taurus Full Moon Tarotscopes but until then,

Happy Scorpio New Moon!


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”

– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks


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