Virgo New Moon Tarotscopes

The next New Moon will take place at 6 degrees of Virgo, and will be exact on the 30th of August at 3:37 am (PT) / 6:37 am (ET)

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration, all of the information is based on the card I’ve pulled.

Still, I write these using the signs of the Zodiac as an easy format in which to provide more customized messages. I write them with your North Node placement in mind, but please feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs also. Hell, read for your Mercury placement if you like; as always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest!

Happy reading!

Not sure what sign your North Node is in? Check out this extensive list based on birth month and year.

Four of WandsAries – Four of Wands

With a North Node in Aries, you may shy away from celebrating yourself, preferring to get lost in the crowd. Well, the Four of Wands is here to remind you that you deserve to be proud of the things you accomplish, whether big or small. You deserve to blow off steam, let loose, and congratulate yourself from time to time. An Aries North Node is here to be a leader, an inspiration to others, and sometimes that means showing how important it is to play just as hard as you work; that joy is as integral to life as anything else. So, get out there and have some fun this weekend.

Ace of CupsTaurus – Ace of Cups

The calling of a North Node in Taurus has a lot to do with cultivating a strong foundation of values, of knowing your worth, and focusing on yourself even when you may feel inclined to devote yourself to others. It’s about embracing the simpler side of life and the practicality of it all. The Ace of Cups itself is about getting back to basics and building strong foundations within yourself. It’s an invitation to begin anew, to seek clarity in your emotional wellbeing, and start a new relationship with yourself and what you value. It’s an encouragement to show yourself the kind of love and loyalty you show the people you care for the most. Self-care and self-love are in order this weekend!


King of SwordsGemini – King of Swords

With your North Node in Gemini, this lifetime calls on you to learn to listen deeply to others, and to be open to seeing more points of view than your own. This kind of communication is key for working with the King of Swords, too. As much as this King is about spreading your Truth – usually in a way that helps to heal both yourself and others – it’s also a lesson in being responsible for what you say. This King would never advocate for speaking without listening; for leading without understanding the needs of those who you may lead. It’s a grand task to speak the kind of Truths that may feel easier left unsaid, so let’s make sure it’s not done blindly.


Page of CupsCancer – Page of Cups

Part of this life’s calling for a Cancer North Node, is to unburden yourself from feeling like you have to be all things to everyone. To embrace looser and more carefree energy, one that allows for both an imaginative and compassionate side to take the reigns. The Page of Cups is an excellent energy to work with when you want to step further into your North Node’s calling. It’s a card that encourages a more blissful state of mind. An invitation to let yourself be free from the woes of adulting, even if only for a little while. It’s a reminder that we don’t have to be so serious all the time just to accomplish our goals.


Queen of CupsLeo – Queen of Cups

Part of learning to embrace your North Node’s calling is learning to listen to your intuition because a Leo North Node is all about leading by example. You may feel inclined to constantly collaborate and only create for the good of the group, but the Queen of Cups can act as your reminder that self-expression and following your heart is essential in this life. This Queen is your encouragement to stand out from the group rather than getting lost in it. And the way to do so is by taking some time for yourself, where you let intuition and emotion lead the way. Where you allow your creativity to flourish in a way that first nourishes you, so that when your cup is full you can go and use it to nourish others, too.


Ten of CupsVirgo – Ten of Cups

Allowing yourself to narrow in on specific details and embrace the more tangible sides of life, is an important lesson for someone with a Virgo North Node. Sometimes in order to see a more realistic bigger picture of our lives, we must first get a grip on the smaller ins and outs of our everyday existence. The Ten of Cups offers powerful, perspective-shifting energy that we can call on to help us achieve this. This Ten encourages us to see the beauty in each moment of our lives. It invites us to stop waiting for something grand to happen – for that one big moment – and to enjoy each and every blessing that comes our way. We can make that collection of moments into a collage of something bigger and far more representative of our actual life. 


Six of SwordsLibra – Six of Swords

Embracing collaboration and discovering the power of partnership is essential for anyone with a Libra North Node. You may feel more comfortable working on your own, but the Six of Swords is here to help. This Six is an invitation to call in the people you trust most from your community and ask for help with a situation you need a fresh perspective on. Whenever you find yourself unable to see your path ahead, you don’t always have to forge ahead alone, you can reach out and let someone else guide you. But this Six is also about opening yourself up to be helpful to others. To be willing to offer someone else the guidance they seek during their time of need.


Seven of WandsScorpio – Seven of Wands

With a North Node in Scorpio, you may feel resistant to leave your comfort zone; that sense of security and authority it provides. Important lessons in this lifetime will be to cultivate a strong bond with the act of letting go, and to embrace the idea that there is more to life than what’s tangible. The Seven of Wands can help with that. It’s a card that encourages you to let down your defenses and be a little more vulnerable. To release any rigidity and allow yourself to go with the flow a little more. Sometimes boundaries are very essential, but when this Seven shows up it’s often a sign that we need to let go of whatever is keeping us in defense mode.


Five of PentaclesSagittarius – Five of Pentacles

With a North Node in Sagittarius, you may find yourself often getting lost in the small details, the fine print of everything. It’s essential to allow yourself space to focus on the bigger picture; to step outside your mental comfort zone and see the broader truth. That kind of shift in perspective may cause some anxiety, and this is where the Five of Pentacles can step in. This Five is all about learning to channel anxious and nervous energy into something productive. Something physical – like working with your hands – so whatever excess of worry or tension has built up inside you, can be guided out into something constructive.


Six of WandsCapricorn – Six of Wands

Celebrating your individual achievements may not be the easiest thing for someone with a North Node in Capricorn. Your tendency towards compassion and caring for others may mean you’re more used to celebrating others instead. It’s essential for you to allow yourself to be honoured and appreciated for the work you do in this world, and the Six of Wands is your reminder of that fact. It’s a card that invites you to be open to recognition, to feel the pride of achieving your goals. For most of us, success is something that fluctuates so it’s important to enjoy it while it’s around. Just remember to stay grounded and humble, so the peaks and valleys aren’t too much of a bumpy ride.


King of WandsAquarius – King of Wands

Part of this King’s energy – creative, inspired, expressive – probably comes relatively easy to you. Being in the spotlight for your unique take on things might feel natural. But with a North Node in Aquarius, this lifetime is about making a connection with your community; using your talents for the good of the group. The King of Wands may have a very singular vision, but it’s an energy that’s driven by wanting to leave a positive impact on the world at large. It’s a card that invites you to consider how you might change your surroundings for the better, through the use of your unique self-expression. An energy that encourages you to share your vision with the world because you have the potential to make this place a little better if you do.


JusticePisces – Justice

One essential lesson for those with a North Node in Pisces, is to loosen their grip on the finer details of everyday life. To let go of high standards that keep you locked in rigidity, and to embrace the random unfolding of life. However, none of that is to suggest you relinquish accountability, or that you ignore the Truth of the world around you. Justice is a card that encourages you to examine the details of a situation, but to be mindful that getting too caught up in them may lead to inaction. It’s a reminder that while the details of our own Truths are valuable, there are larger Truths that exist outside of ourselves, which are worth just as much. Justice can help you create harmony and balance; the best of both worlds.

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