Tuning in with The High Priestess


On the first day of Lindsay Mack’s #tarotforwhatis August Tarot Challenge, I pulled the High Priestess, but I haven’t been ready to share what that meant to me, until now. Apart from posting a story or two, I avoided Instagram for over a week (which doesn’t seem like a lot, but, trust me, it is.) I knew as soon as I pulled the Priestess, it was time for me to step away from that platform for a quick beat. I knew I hadn’t been listening to my gut, which was telling me that change was necessary, and so I turned down the external noise of social media, so I could turn up and tune into my inner voice.

What I discovered, is that focusing on Tarot full time will never truly fulfill me. I love it, deeply, and it will continue to be something I offer for those who want it. I’m invested in being a lifelong student of the craft and I’m not leaving my decks behind or anything, but I know my Soul needs more. It needs me to give more time to my first passion: writing. And the thing I love writing about the most: TV.

I attempted to bring my worlds of Tarot and TV together with my TV Tarot Astro correspondences project, which was a lot of fun, but never quite hit the mark. Some cards and planetary aspects fit seamlessly with TV counterparts, but a lot of it felt like fitting a square peg into a round hole. And I kept telling myself I had to make them fit, had to make my worlds combine in order to have it all make sense. But sometimes, life ain’t that easy.

So, I’ve been listening to the High Priestess inside me this past week. Just trying to let things unfold as they may, not trying to force anything. Attempting to forget about what people might expect of me and focusing instead on what brings a smile to my face (or, what lights me up, which is hella appropriate for Leo season.) I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to make my worlds fit together in any particular way for it to “work” – they already fit together within me and I can just let that come out naturally.

Some of you may have noticed a name change (on Instagram), which was my first step towards creating a more balanced space for myself on that platform. I’ll still be posting my weekend readings and Tarotscope newsletter excerpts over there, but I’m also going to share more about what I’m doing with TV (which includes the return of my podcast very soon – check out the Damn Fine TV blog if you’re interested!)

I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me, but I know my mix of passions isn’t for everyone and that’s totally cool. I’m guessing not everyone will read this anyways – hopefully not because it’s too self-indulgent, I just like to be transparent about what people sign up for when they follow me – but for those of you who do, thank you! I’m excited to see where this next phase takes me and my small but amazing community of supporters. Much love to you all and thanks for listening ❤️

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