Court Cards as TV Characters

The Court Cards

The court cards have really been messing with me lately – and just when I thought I had a handle on them. In the past few readings I’ve done, I just go blank whenever they appear. It’s bizarre and frustrating and I want to get a grip on their meanings once and for all.

Several Tarot resources recommend associating people you know with the courts, so you can easily remember what they symbolize. Honestly, I don’t think I know 16 people who are that different. So, instead, I’m going to pair each of these cards with TV characters.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be going through each of the cards over on Instagram – and then posting a slightly larger piece here. I’ll discuss a few key details, and then suggest characters I think they best represent. I’d love for you to play along, too; it would be great to pool our ideas so there’s something that resonates with everyone!

Now, I know the courts don’t always represent a person – sometimes they are better represented by a situation or energy – but I think this is a great place to start for a nice boost of confidence while doing readings. Perhaps we’ll revisit the topic in the future, and determine what TV episodes or sequences within an episode might be a good fit for each of the courts as well.


Let’s start with the Pages and a bit of general info about these cards. They represent:

  • A new beginning. Seeds of potential. They have a lot in common with The Fool and the Aces.
  • Youthful in age or experience – or just young at heart.
  • Sometimes they’re messages or messengers.
  • They’re curious and enthusiastic about the energy of their suit. They have a lot to learn and might be a little naïve, but they interact with their suit’s energy from an open-minded and fresh perspective.

Page of Cups

Sensitive. Emotional. Creative. Caring. Receptive. Optimistic. The Page of Cups is a dreamer who sees the world differently than most. They’re easily inspired by their surroundings; seeing beauty where most people don’t & using that as a creative force. They’re incredibly expressive & tend to communicate quite uniquely. They might find it hard to stay grounded, though; their often spacey behaviour can feel simultaneously vexing & irresistible.

This Page might not be great at typical human stuff – meeting deadlines, doing their taxes, answering your texts – they’re too busy learning to access their intuition or in the midst of getting a cosmic download. They can be emotionally immature or insecure. They’re not huge fans of conflict & will often avoid it. When they allow issues to go unresolved, their emotions can become explosive.

Top Picks: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City & Frankie Bergstein from Grace and Frankie. 

Runners-up: Annie Blackburn–Twin Peaks, Manny Delgado–Modern Family, Quentin Coldwater–The Magicians, & Luna Lovegood–Harry Potter (ok, a bit of a cheat but it’s a great match!)

Page of Pentacles 

Grounded. Practical. Eager. Responsible. Kind. Supportive. The Page of Pentacles is a go-getter; a hard worker with a thirst for knowledge. What they might lack in experience, they more than make up for with their keen attitude. They’re ready to build new skills & know there is great potential in self-development. They value planning & have a flair for the logistical side of projects. This Page got straight As in school & has the potential to lead a very successful life in terms of career – entrepreneur life suits them.

The Page of Pentacles is not really into breaking the rules or taking risks & can sometimes come across a little uptight. They might get complacent because of over planning & a lack of taking action. Conversely, their underdeveloped ideas leave them with false hopes. They know what they’re capable of, which can sometimes lead to a bit of arrogance or hotheadedness. As with all Pages, the Pentacles’ “youngest” can be immature at times.

Top Picks: Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Michaela Pratt from How to Get Away with Murder.

Runners-up: Nancy Wheeler–Stranger Things, Molly Carter–Insecure, Joey Potter–Dawson’s Creek, Annie Edison–Community.

Page of Swords

Clever. Inquisitive. Honest. Loyal. Fierce. Idealistic. Truth-seeker. The Page of Swords has an endless amount of ideas floating through their mind at any given time. They are mentally restless in that way and easily bored without sufficient mental stimulation. This Page loves a challenge, has a lively spirit, and an innate creative brilliance. Though they might seem quiet – and they are, to a degree – these Pages are excellent communicators with both the written and spoken word.

This Page is someone who enjoys observing others, in a way that can suggest they’re somewhat removed from the human experience. Their structured way of living can seem rigid to some, but this Page appreciates the stability and integrity which comes from that approach. When the Page of Swords fails to take the action prompted by their suit’s energy from the element of Air, they can become the all-talk-no-results type. This is when overthinking and perfectionism get the best of them, and they can even devolve into exhibiting judgmental and paranoid behaviours.

Top Picks: Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons & Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Runners-up: Elliot Alderson–Mr. Robot, Jughead Jones–Riverdale, Cosima Niehaus–Orphan Black, young Randall Pearson–This Is Us.

Page of Wands

Enthusiastic. Free-spirited. Passionate. Explorer. Inspiring. Unique. The Page of Wands is bursting with inspiration and absolutely loves an adventure. They are stoked about life. They can’t wait to just get out there and try whatever comes their way, and they typically like to share those experiences with others. Their boundless energy can be a catalyst for change. The Page of Wands is unapologetic about who they are, they often have a great sense of personal style, and give everything they have to everything they do.

This Page’s energy might be quite fatiguing to some, though. Their presence can be a bit like a whirlwind: scattered and aimless and a little destructive. They can be stubborn; a spitfire who fights dirty when necessary. When this Page is unable to fuel their energy into the right outlets, when they lack the proper follow-through, they often become pessimistic and dwell on the setbacks, leading to even more lack of direction. Sometimes this Page represents someone going through a total transformation, starting from scratch no matter what their age.

Top Picks: Kimmy Schmidt from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt & Virginia Loc from Claws.

Runners–up: Gina Linetti–Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Steve–Stranger Things, Ilana Wexler–Broad City, young Bobby Briggs–Twin Peaks.

What do you think of my pick for the Pages? What characters would you attribute to each of them?


Let’s move on to the Knights. Here’s some general info about these cards:

  • The Knights are little more experienced than the Pages but are still very much in a developmental stage.
  • They’re highly action-oriented and always in pursuit of a mission, which might be why they’re often associated with the element of air.
  • The Knights tend to shift gears unpredictably within the energy of their suit, and will sometimes act quite hastily – which, at different times in life, will be an attitude we need to adopt or release.
  • They share a connection with The Chariot, and the Twos through Fives of each suit.

Knight of Cups

Romantic. Graceful. Imaginative. Introspective. Open-minded. Courteous. The Knight of Cups is, at their very core, an artist. They let emotions guide their movement, and aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. There’s a certain mystique to this Knight that says they’re both secretive and mysterious. A passive kind of peacefulness lies underneath it all, and getting to know this Knight is possible; they’re open to having deep conversations with anyone who wants to go to that level. The Knight has a good sense of humor. They prioritize the beauty in life, whether through fashion, décor, or what they surround themselves with.

It’s not all charm all the time with this card, though. This Knight can be moody, jealous, and sometimes depressive. They’ll sometimes retreat into fantasy and create unrealistic ideals. The Knight of Cups has the potential to become very intense and feel emotionally overwhelmed. There are times in life when we must sit with the darkness, but this Knight is a prompt for us to learn when to stop letting emotions get in the way of necessary action; a reminder to stop dwelling.

Top Picks: Nova Bordelon from Queen Sugar & Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Runners-up: Felix–Orphan Black, Stefan–The Vampire Diaries, Quentin–The Magicians (he was also on the short-list for Page of Cups, but I think he’s better suited here.)

Knight of Pentacles

Industrious. Reliable. Patient. Meticulous. Efficient. Trustworthy. As described in “WTF is Tarot?” The Knight of Pentacles represents “the unglamorous reality that lives between dream & manifestation.” This Knight is all about taking practical, discerning actions now, to ensure future actions are both well-guided & supported. They have a sustainable energy; slow and steady wins the race & this Knight will absolutely win their race.

All work & no play makes this Knight a bit dull. Sometimes hard work is necessary, though & totally worth our efforts. We need to make sure it doesn’t lead to feeling stuck in routine, resistance to change, or becoming a workaholic.

Top Picks: Jane Villanueva from Jane the Virgin & young Randall Pearson from This Is Us.

Runners-up: Peggy–Mad Men, Alison–Orphan Black, Dwight–The Office, Miranda–Sex & the City.

Knight of Swords

Determined. Ambitious. Intelligent. Focused. Quick-thinking. The Knight of Swords takes a head-down, just-get-through-it, kind of approach. They are constantly in motion, always moving towards the next goal, going above and beyond what is asked of them. This Knight is brilliant in a technical way; creativity is not typically their strong suit. They prefer a very direct, no-nonsense type of action. They aim higher than everyone else, always. They’re not overly concerned with social pursuits, as they are too busy achieving so much in other areas of life. They are well aware of all their potential.

The Knight of Swords’ energy can become a little tiresome, particularly when you work alongside them; it can often feel difficult to collaborate with them, and good luck matching their intense pacing. There are times in life when this Knight’s energy is vital, like big projects that require extended periods of focus and commitment. Sometimes it can seem like this Knight has no chill, though, and when they don’t have a good handle on what’s motivating them to take all of this action, burnout happens very easily.

Top Picks: Eve Polastri from Killing Eve & Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot.

Runners-up: Alice–The Magicians, Jessica–Jessica Jones, Veronica–Veronica Mars, Rachel–Orphan Black.

Knight of Wands

Adventurous. Passionate. Energetic. Risk-taker. The Knight of Wands is an entertainer; they have an element of stage presence in all they do. They bring joy and move through spaces with an unmistakable allure. They’ve got looks, brains, and charm. They’re almost chameleon-like in terms of adapting to different situations and new environments. Where the Page of Wands is excited about just experiencing whatever might come their way in life, this Knight is ready to take on the challenges of the world. They excel at setting new projects or ideas into motion, and they get others pumped about the process, too.

This Knight doesn’t always see each of those projects through, however. Similar to all the Knights, the energy of this card is still in a stage of learning “who” they are. They lack patience and can act quite carelessly at times. If unfocused, their energy tends to be scattered, making them frustrated and frustrating. They’re still searching for the right balance of vulnerability and intimacy that would ground them in these moments.

Top Picks: Angel Evangelista from Pose & Penny Adiyodi from The Magicians.

Runners-up: Rafael–Jane the Virgin, Bobby–Twin Peaks, Felix–Orphan Black.

What do you think of my pick for the Knights? What characters would you attribute to each of them?


Let’s move on to the Queen cards. Here are some key highlights:

  • I believe the Queens and Kings are equals in terms of experience/rank, they simply use and express what they’ve learned from their journey in different ways.
  • The Queens internalize their suits’ energy, they embody it and radiate the energy from the inside out. In this sense, they are attributed with the element of water.
  • While the Pages plant seeds and the Knights take action to ensure they’re setup for success, the Queens nurture and develop those seeds.
  • They lead by example through their intentions and beliefs.
  • The Queens are connected to The High Priestess, The Empress, and the sixes through tens in each suit.

Queen of Cups 

Intuitive. Empathic. Tenderhearted. Openhearted. Healer. The Queen of Cups is the person who pulls you in for a big hug whenever you see them. Very tranquil people, they have a warmth and kindness that puts you immediately at ease. It’s hard not to tell this Queen your life story, to open your heart to them; it feels as though they could heal all your past wounds. They remind you of how nice it is (and essential to life) to be seen and accepted. The Queen of Cups is highly imaginative and creative, maybe even a bit psychic.

The energy of this Queen can be hidden inside people who have yet to heal their own past wounds. As children or young people, they may have been told to hide their emotions, so they may be prone to bottling them up instead of letting them flow to their power. When they aren’t in complete control over their emotions, this Queen does run the risk of dealing with co-dependency, poor boundaries, and a lack of identity not tied to caring for others.

Top Picks: Cordelia Goode–American Horror Story: Coven & Blanca Evangelista–Pose.

Runners-up: Norma–Twin Peaks, Tara Maclay–Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dale Cooper–Twin Peaks.

Queen of Pentacles

Down-to-earth. Resourceful. Independent. Patient. Supportive. The Queen of Pentacles is an Earth Mama. They build strong relationships with nature, animals, spirit, and fellow humans. A personal sense of security is essential to them, but they’re also extremely generous and nourishing – they share from a place of true inner wealth. They feel called to acts of service; to provide security and support. This Queen knows how to create a warm and loving environment in the home, and how to create abundance for themselves in their work. Basically, they kick ass in both the domestic and career sides of life.

When the Queen of Pentacles loses some of their grounding, they tend to have an imbalance between their work and family lives. They become either smothering or isolated; working harder not smarter. Connecting back in with nature is typically all they need to get centred again.

Top Picks: Claire Fraser–Outlander & Violet Bordelon–Queen Sugar.

Runners-up: Bonnie Bennett–The Vampire Diaries, Desna Simms–Claws.

Queen of Swords

Critical-thinker. Independent. Impartial. Perceptive. Concise. Honest. The Queen of Swords deeply understands the value of boundaries, and doesn’t feel the need to explain or apologize for having them. This Queen cuts through the bullshit; they know when you’re lying or even exaggerating and they’re not here for it. The Queen of Swords might have some sharp edges as they do prefer a tell-it-like-it-is approach, but it’s important to remember this isn’t personal or a judgment towards you. They may also seem cold, but they just show affection in ways we’re not used to. When given the chance – and a heads-up about your needs – they can be a little looser with their love.

Sometimes, the Queen of Swords needs to reevaluate their boundaries, to see which ones are still serving them and which ones they can soften or release. Otherwise, they become too detached, abrasive, and start lacking any compassion at all. They might need a reminder here and there that being super cold isn’t an equivalent to having a ton of strength.

Top Picks: Elizabeth Jennings–The Americans & Annalise Keating–How to Get Away with Murder.

Runners-up: Margo Hanson–The Magicians, Nora Durst–The Leftovers, Miranda Hobbes–Sex and the City.

Queen of Wands

Confident. Vivacious. Authentic. Leader. Ambitious. Unforgettable. The Queen of Wands has a magic to them that you feel instantly upon being in their presence. They could easily be a Witch, but they don’t feel the need to boast about it. They’re just so deeply comfortable in their own skin, but it’s not a narcissistic thing it’s just pure self-assurance. They radiate a joy, energy, and vibrancy that’s incredibly catching; pretty much everyone loves these Queens. They have great style and are often quite sociable. This Queen is highly driven to pursue their passions. They love to hustle and Get. Shit. Done. But they don’t have a competitive bone in their body and are always encouraging others to follow their passions, too. They believe in the abundance mindset.

If you cross this Queen’s family, though, you better fix your shit or run. This Queen is a bit of a Mama Bear who will protect their people, at your own risk. When this Queen has experienced a disconnect from her passion and authenticity, they might suffer from a loss of confidence and feel dejected. All they need is to reconnect with the WHY of their goals – the thing that lights them up most – and they’ll get back on track in no time.

Top Picks: Dale Cooper–Twin Peaks (S1&2) & Beth Pearson–This Is Us.

Runners-up: Joan Holloway–Mad Men, Samantha Jones–Sex and the City, Pray Tell–Pose.

What do you think of my pick for the Queens? What characters would you attribute to each of them?

KingsNow, on to our final set of Court Cards, the Kings. Here are the basics:

  • I believe the Queens and Kings are equals in terms of experience/rank. They simply use and express what they’ve learned from their journey in different ways.
  • The Kings are associated with the element of fire and project the energy of their suit outward. They lead through action. The Kings are wise but can sometimes be stuck their ways.
  • While the Queens nurture the seeds planted by the Pages, the Kings are ready to share the maturation of this seed with the world; they provide.
  • They’re connected to The Emperor, and the nines and tens of each suit.

*The Kings were the hardest to find TV counterparts for, so I’ll only have one character pick for each. I know I must have missed someone, so please let me know who your choices would be!

King of Cups

Compassionate. Mindful. Healer. Generous. The King of Cups is someone who holds space for others; who guides them and maybe even heals them. They lead with finesse and grace in a frantic situation. They are concerned with matters of humanity and always have your best interest at heart. This King is often doing charity or volunteer work, fostering animals or feeding the homeless. They’re poets, artists, and healers, but most importantly they find themselves in service of others. The King of Cups can become a little moody or even toxic on their worst days. All they need is a little self-care and some time to re-center, and a balance will be restored. This King is extremely relatable and finds a way to connect with everyone they meet. No, they are not too good to be true.

TV Counterpart: Pray Tell from Pose.

King of Pentacles

Disciplined. Thriving. Self-assured. Calm. Steady. The King of Pentacles has an excellent grasp on the bigger picture of their life. They are stable and secure in their value (spiritually and materially) and will always provide for those who need it. This King enjoys the abundance they’ve earned and created, treat themselves for self-care, and give back with gratitude to their communities. This King is one of the most hardworking people you’ll ever meet, but they do believe in quality over quantity. On a bad day, the King of Pentacles can lose sight of their self-worth and become a little overbearing. As soon as they realign with their WHY factor, it’s all gravy again, baby. This King is committed to living their best life possible and hopes the same for all they love, too.

TV Counterpart: Charley Bordelon from Queen Sugar.

King of Swords

Thoughtful. Diplomatic. Objective. Ethical. Pragmatic. The King of Swords speaks their truth, even when it would be easier not to. They are a leader who helps heal the world through their words. Similar to the Queen of this suit, the King prefers to cut through the bullshit and look at the bigger picture of a problem in order to sort things out. They are deeply trustworthy individuals, with nothing to hide; no hidden agendas, just a need to share a deep knowing they have inside them. This King’s words are highly influential, and often encourage others to speak up, too. At times, the King of Swords can be overly critical and a little judge-y. However, that usually shows up because they have a lack of clarity or are simply being indecisive – as soon as they find their voice, things are back on track.

TV Counterpart: Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul

King of Wands

Visionary. Engaging. Dynamic. Trailblazer. Honourable. The King of Wands is driven to leave a positive and lasting impact. They want to make a mark on the world and empower others to do the same along the way. Despite being at the top and having no problem delegating tasks, this King still takes time to work with their team and get their hands dirty when necessary. They live their lives with intention and foresight, and are natural born leaders. On a bad day, The King of Wands can come off a little controlling, and their standards seem impenetrably high. They represent double fire, after all. This heat will always subside and shift into positivity, though. They just radiate with so much energy and capability; the King of Wands isn’t afraid to just go for it – in every aspect of life.

TV Counterpart: Jamie Fraser from Outlander.

What do you think of my pick for the Kings? What characters would you attribute to each of them?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Court Card journey as much as I have. Thanks for joining me!


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