Release, Take Action, Embrace Change

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It feels like the January New Moon was forever and a day ago. It’s wild to think there were only a mere 14 days between then and the first Full Moon of 2019; my life feels completely different than it did two weeks ago. Working with the intention I set at the New Moon has shown tangible results, which gives me both a deeper investment in this work and a kind of confidence I lacked before exploring all of this. More than that, though, I’ve been taking in so much information about things like intuitive work, Tarot, astrology, numerology, moon cycles, witchcraft, and soulful practices in general, and I’m a little blown away by how effortless it has felt.

While there are times when I do actively seek out certain information, lately I’ve noticed that it also just finds its way to me unexpectedly. There have been numerous situations where I’ve been looking for something about Tarot, for example, and then notice I’ve spent 30 minutes reading about the mix of sun sign Scorpio and moon sign Cancer – it’s intense, and beautifully so, by the way. I love the organic way these things make their way to me. It feels like they’re coming to me with such purpose; that it’s exactly what I was meant to learn that day.

It’s almost as though I’ve turned on an ‘Open’ sign in my soul; the Universe feels that receptive energy and has been sending me the precise wisdom I need every day. Somehow, despite the sheer amount I’ve been absorbing, there seems to be plenty of space for it within me. And I think there’s room for more, but that didn’t come without sacrifice.

Creating time and space for all of this in my life has meant putting a particular project on hold – my television/entertainment blog. At first, I had some reservations about that; it felt a little like I was giving up, or abandoning a passion I’d had for so many years. What I quickly realized, though, was that in allowing myself to push pause on that blog, I’ve had more energy to focus on other projects I’d been neglecting. I’ve finally started to work on the novel that’s been brewing in my brain for years, and I’ve had energy to invest back in myself to make improvements and set goals in my writing career.

What does any of this have to do with the Super Blood Wolf Moon or the lunar eclipse, you might be wondering? Actually, a lot.

Lunar eclipses have a very transformative, invigorating energy. They sometimes bring about abrupt endings or changes, all in service of putting us on the right path. I may have already begun my transformation, but the energy from this event gave me a deep sense of reassurance that I am moving in the right direction; that pausing my TV blog is okay. I’m feeling very good about all the recent changes in my life, and am ready to capitalize on that invigorating energy to take more action moving forward.

That action coincides nicely with the energy from a Full Moon, as well. This is one of Yang phases in the lunar cycle, which means taking action right now is ideal. If your New Moon intention is still in alignment, what steps can you take next to progress it even further? For me, this time around at least, that means honouring the priorities I set in the last Yang phase at the First Quarter Moon. I’ve been slacking on a few of them, but the ones I’ve stayed on track with have been super helpful, and I know that can only get better if I keep making these moves. If your New Moon intention is no longer working for you, what steps can you take or what tweaks can you make, to bring it back to a place where it is?

Here are my humble attempts at capturing the moon before and at the peak of the eclipse. This makes me want to invest in a good camera for next month!


The Full Moon is also a time for letting go. For releasing what’s no longer serving you, or whatever might be holding you back from allowing you to create the space for greater abundance. Letting go looks different for everyone. It could be the release of hurt feelings, managing addictions, getting rid of toxic relationships, pushing aside restrictive thoughts and beliefs, or just getting rid of any bullshit that’s taking up too much energy and space in your body, mind, and soul.

It could also involve clearing up actual physical space – is there a junk drawer or cupboard you’ve been meaning to go through? Or maybe your workspace is too cluttered to focus? Perhaps there are dozens of files on your computer that can head to the trash? These are all acts of release, too, and if you’re an organization lover like me, it can feel deeply sacred and soul-pleasing to perform these rather simple acts.

Finally, the Full Moon invites you to reap what you’ve sewn since the New Moon. If your intention is on track, now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Manifesting takes dedication and hard work, but the magical payoff is well worth it.

So, how did I honour this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse?

My ceremony looked pretty similar to what I did for the New Moon. I created a sacred space where I’d be cozy and warm, complete with candles, blankets, a pillow, my journal, a Tarot deck, and my phone (on airplane mode and used only for music and meditation.) I listened to a few guided visualizations, which helped me to relax, get in touch with my intuition, and decide what I need to release. I remembered to bring chocolate this time, too! I also had a much easier time with the body check-in exercise. I noticed feeling light and expansive in areas like my chest and head, but that my back and legs felt some tension – a good way to figure out what muscles needed stretching.

This time around I decided to stay on my main floor where I have a bigger window, in order to keep tabs on the progress of the moon and eclipse. I had wanted to get outside for a fire releasing ceremony – writing down things you’d like to let go of and then burning the paper – but it was absolutely frigid temperatures where I live. So, I opted to do it inside instead and, honestly, probably never will again. Burnt paper smells real bad. It still felt pretty damn good to watch my fears, anxieties, and hang-ups burn away to nothing but ash. I can’t wait to see how much more powerful this exercise will be when I can go outside and harness the energy from the sky.

Fire Release_2.jpg


I did push myself to brave the elements a few times, though, to make sure I took in the actual sight of the moon and eclipse. I wanted to remember what it looked like through my own eyes, rather than just through the live stream I was watching in between trips. It was a phenomenal thing to witness. I’d seen photos of the moon taking on different hues and shades in the past, but I’d never taken the time to actually gaze at it. All at once it made me feel so insignificant – in that bizarrely good way where you realize all your problems don’t really matter – and deeply connected to something so much bigger.

However, there was part of me that felt like I was “doing it wrong” by not taking enough advantage of the rare celestial event; that I was some kind of imposter by only staying outside for a few minutes at a time.

As I read through the Full Moon chapter in Lunar Abundance, I was reminded that working with these cycles isn’t an exact science. What’s most important is to do the inner work; to connect deeper with ourselves and our feelings. In the book, Ezzie Spencer reminds us that:

“While the image of the moon may be a useful trigger for us to come within, the deeper work occurs in our internal feeling world. This is within you, and can be accessed wherever you are, whether or not the moon is visible in the sky.”

I love that Spencer’s approach recognizes how we live in circumstances where seeing the moon isn’t always a possibility, and that the work we’re doing isn’t contingent on doing so. This really is about finding a way to work with the lunar cycle that makes sense and works synergistically within our lives. It’s not about forcing it, or having to live up to any particular standards – how would that be healing or helpful to our mind, body, and soul?

Cultivating a routine around this practice will take time and more than one trip through the cycle. But I’m already learning how to shed my perfectionist tendencies and just go with the flow. I’m excited for what the next Full Moon will bring, but I’m content in the now, too. Feeling super grateful that my first, full-fledged, Full Moon ceremony took place on a night where the type of moon was so momentous. It felt like yet another sign from the Universe – and the lunar eclipse – that I’m right where I need to be.



For anyone who’s read my writing work before Lila Luna started, you’ll know that my first passion is television. I’m super stoked to announce that next month I’ll be combining that with my newfound love for Tarot, and offering you guys a TV-themed Tarot spread. It’s going to come out on a very special day in TV history, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, what kind of content would you lovelies like to see at Lila Luna? I am ready and willing to share my thoughts on subjects like moon cycles, Tarot, astrology, numerology, witchy things, and other soulful topics. I am open to suggestions, requests, and feedback. I’d love to cultivate a community where the content created on this site is curated specifically for my readers, so just let me know. I’m still learning and my aim is to share that journey with all of you – hopefully, it can help some other rookies, too!

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